Clear the Clutter to Financial freedom!

Who Spring cleans? We all do right? What process do you take? Why do we do this? We want to clear the clutter….because it makes us feel happy and more organised! Every year something has changed in your life, whether it be a big change or little change … but something has changed and we need to clear the pathway So apply that same Spring Clean concept to your finances….try using the 3 "R's" .... Review Reduce Remove -Your Bank Statements…. are online now so it’s easy not to take too much notice of what is coming in and more importantly going out Step 1 – print out your bank statement and Review what is coming in and what is going out.. …..are your expenses still relevent…or can you review s

Dare to Dream!

We are well into Spring, and if you are considering buying your first home, building or upgrading, re-financing or re-fixing your existing home loan, here are some great reason why this is a favourable time for you! A favourable time to buy because... A new Labour led Government means a ban on foreigners buying existing houses is very likely The housing market has slowed and we have seen the effects with an adjustment in property prices making housing more affordable Banks "Spring Home Loan specials” - interest rates are still historically low with 1 and 2 year fixed interest rates very attractive..and some good offers out there for 3 years! 10% Deposit for First Home Buyers available using


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