Building? Get the skinny on your build options and finance...

Welcome to the February edition! Christmas delights are fading fast as we remember the lofty goals we set for 2018! If Home Ownership was on your list then now is the opportune time as Home Loan interest rate remain low, low deposit options available and more properties coming on to market. First Home Buyer? Your'e my area of expertise! Get Free financial advice to achieve your goals - Why? As a Registered Financial Adviser I ask you a lot of questions so that I can shop the Banks to find the best solution - saves you a lot of time and money becuase the legwork is done for you - and at not cost! Become a client of Holly Rogers Mortgages not just another customer Call today or book online fo

Top Tips to get a Low Deposit Home Loan approved!

Getting a Low Deposit Home Loan is achievable if you have the right information! -Make Sure you Are Eligible! -Have Evidence of your Deposit so there are no surprises! -Be Realistic with Price! Tip 1: Make sure you are Eligible! Eligibility: -First Home Buyer / Upgrading / Building - Owner Occupied You must intend to live in the property -NZ citizen or Permanent NZ Residents Resident visa's often have travel restrictions which may not qualify -Permanent Income - 12 months with current employer or in the same industry Your base income off your work contract will be used for the assessment - overtime and casual hours could be considered but not relied upon -Self Employment - Applicant must


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