Open Homes - the "To Do" list!

Trudging around open homes can be time consuming and confusing! I know, Iv done it! With a long list of addresses and a short time to view, you need to be armed with a plan that allows you to make a quick decision as to whether this one is worth getting excited about! So you are "pre-approved" right? The house hunt can begin.... Write a List List the features of what's important to you in a home or investment property. If you are buying with a partner or friend make sure you know each others likes and dislikes - so make the list together! Take a Notebook The number of Open Homes you view in one day can be confusing and they all look the same after a while. Take a notebook and phone camera o

Want a Home Loan? One thing you can do today to get approved!

Ok, so you want to apply for a home loan and not sure what the Banks look for....check out this video, keeping your accounts in order is often overlooked by account holders...but not by the Banks! Bank Statements are a snapshot of how you pay your bills! So keep them tidy - start today! Not sure? Call Holly Rogers Mortgages


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