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Save Time and Money - Choose a Mortgage Adviser for your Home Loan

Great Reasons that save you Time and Money leaving you to find your dream home

-Save time and money - get the right mortgage advice that best suits you and your family

-Save time and money - one meeting can access multiple banks leaving you time to find your dream home

-Save time and money - the service is Free and Independent

As a Mortgage Adviser , we offer advice to people like you needing home loan finance for First Homes, Upgrading, Building, Investing and Re-Financing together with consumer finance such as personal loans and debt consolidation.

We shop around to find the best finance that suits you and your circumstances. Everyone's situation is different, so having an expert help you with this process to ideal. As the service is free to you, why not assure you have the best set up possible?

Make your own decision! Ask yourself....

Q - Are you a First Home buyer? Getting together your deposit, understanding what is available such as Kiwi saver and Government grants can be daunting, a Mortgage Adviser will help you understand what is required and how to get there!

Q - Are you short on time to negotiate with multiple banks?

A Mortgage Adviser will do the shopping for you - one interview is equivalent to multiple interviews saving you time and money

Q - Are you unsure how to get your deposit together?

A Mortgage Adviser will help to show you different solutions to boost your deposit to get on the property ladder sooner. In some instances you may need as little as 10% of the purchase price, eligibility applies

Q - Do you want the best home loan for your unique circumstances? A Mortgage Adviser will look at all the options available and help you decide on the best solution that suits you. Every situation is unique and it’s not always about the interest rate…but it helps!

Q - What is your maximum borrowing capacity for an upgrade?

A Mortgage Adviser will quickly assess your situation to assist with your next venture! Every situation is different so spending time on this and understanding what you want is really important!

Q - What is the best way to finance your dream home build?

There are different ways to finance your build project and a Mortgage Adviser will take you through the options available from purchasing your section to building your dream home along with what options are best for you - Learn about “Turn Key”, “Progress Payments”, and “Cost and Quotes” options for building your dream home.

Q - Do you want an experienced mortgage adviser who is independent of your Bank?

Holly Rogers is an experience mortgage adviser who is independent oFor all of your lending needs talk to Holly Rogers Mortgages first for Free Independent Home Loan Advice. Contact now for your free appointment!

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