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Building? Get the skinny on your build options and finance...

Welcome to the February edition! Christmas delights are fading fast as we remember the lofty goals we set for 2018!

If Home Ownership was on your list then now is the opportune time as Home Loan interest rate remain low, low deposit options available and more properties coming on to market.

First Home Buyer? Your'e my area of expertise!

Get Free financial advice to achieve your goals - Why?

As a Registered Financial Adviser I ask you a lot of questions so that I can shop the Banks to find the best solution - saves you a lot of time and money becuase the legwork is done for you - and at not cost!

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Thinking of Building?

Building has become a great option with many subdivisions with sections and house and land packages on offer. It is also become affordable for first home buyers to have a brand new home as their first what are the most common options? House and Land package - This is where the builder usually owns the land and you are able to purchase a completed house for a set price -an easy option if you don't want to be involved in the build process -lending is drawn at completion so no mortgage payments until you move in Buy and Build - This option allows you to purchase a plot of land of your choosing. Once the land is purchased you are able to plan the house itself to create a home that fits your individual style and wants -more involvement in getting exactly what you want -lending is drawn to purchase section and then increases as build progresses Financing your Build - there are different Home Loan conditions for each of the build options.

Option 1 - fewer build conditions as less risk of cost blow outs, thats because you have agreed to a price which is payable when your home is finished. Do you have a 10% deposit? This is a popular option for you!

Option 2 - Affordability is key for this option as you pay from start to finish and additional changes that you make along the way!

A deposit of 20% is usual but a lower deposit can be an option!

For free advice talk to your financial adviser to work out what option suits your budget and unique circumstances

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