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Open Homes - the "To Do" list!

Trudging around open homes can be time consuming and confusing! I know, Iv done it! With a long list of addresses and a short time to view, you need to be armed with a plan that allows you to make a quick decision as to whether this one is worth getting excited about!

So you are "pre-approved" right? The house hunt can begin....

Write a List

List the features of what's important to you in a home or investment property. If you are buying with a partner or friend make sure you know each others likes and dislikes - so make the list together!

Take a Notebook

The number of Open Homes you view in one day can be confusing and they all look the same after a while. Take a notebook and phone camera on hand to refresh your memory when you come to review the pros and cons

What to look for

In the short time you get to view a property you need to get down to business quickly - look for wear and tear especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Damp spots will be evident on the ceiling and floor, a musty odour will alert you, or wall paper lifting can also be a tell tale sign. Check doors and windows open and close easily

Due Diligence

Everyone says this but what does it mean? It means get the experts involved because buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you will make - so ask some questions while you are there:

-What is the current RVof the property and is it up to date?

-What reports and information do you have on the property?

LIM, Builders report, EQC reports/repairs, Current Insurance

-Ask the Agent if there is anything you need to tell me about this home before going further. Agents have a duty to disclose any known issues relating to the property that they are aware of.

-Ask if anyone else has done a builders report on it

- How long has the property been on the market and have there been any offers accepted on this home? Why didn’t they go ahead?

A few pointers to get you started....Happy House Hunting!

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