If you or your spouse are not self-employed, then use this checklist to be sure you have collected everything you need for each part of the process.  If you or your spouse are self-employed, please use the Self Employed Checklist instead.

For Pre-Approval

  • Home Loan Application Form

    • See Online Application

  • Declaration Form

    • Read & Sign where indicated

  • Terms of Engagement

    • Read & Sign page 6

  • Bank Statements

    • Regular transnational account - Three Months

      • These are to show your regular expenses & income​

    • Savings statements - Six Months​ or Confirmation of Deposit

      • These are to show that you have saved for your deposit​

      • These also show how much you have available for your deposit

      • If you don't have funds in your savings account, then you'll need a confirmation of deposit.​​

  • Proof of identity​​

  • Employment Contract​

    • Copy of your signed employment contract, or most recent three payslips. If you are self employed, please see the Self Employed Checklist

If you are Re-Financing

  • Loan Statements

    • Six months of your current loan statements​

If you are Building

  • Copy of your Building Contract

  • Copy of the Plans & Specifications

  • Copy of Registered Valuation

    • These are generally required to establish the value upon completion


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